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Date: 3rd June 2016
Air Ambient Vaporizer
Air ambient vaporizer1.Structural stability 2.Elegant appearance 3.Energy savingProduct description:? This series of air-bath using carburetor heat exchanger efficiency star aluminum finned tube heat exchanger as a body; Intermediate high pressure air bath carburetor pressure piping and finned tubes using special drawing Expanding composite technology,Website:, Greatly reducing the thermal resistance coefficient; Improve the heat transfer efficiency; Inter star finned tube with central connection piece prismatic connection,Structural stability,Elegant appearance; In the course rely on air convection heating,No external energy,Energy saving.Technical ParametersWork pressure(Mpa)1.6-25Heating methodHeated by airWorking mediumLiquid oxygen,argon,nitrogen,liquid CO2,LNG,LPGVaporization capacity(Nm3/h)30-20000