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Date: 3rd June 2016
Industrial Gas Pressure Regulator
Industrial Gas?Pressure?Regulating?Valves?Device?Production descriptionSelf-regulating device is to use the regulator as a shut-off valve and bypass all the way to the pressure regulator valve to the required worth. Design of import and export flanges,Website:, valves, pressure regulating valves, safety valves, pressure gauges, filters, emptying valve. After adjusting the pressure and flow control valve of the pressure regulating device type and caliber of the pipeline is determined according to the needs for oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, gas pressure regulator.Design Characteristic:1.Use with vaporizer2.Install in outside or open air area3.Inlet and outlet port are sealed with flange4.Regulate the output pressure stable and smooth, safe and reliable5.Make up by high quality stainless steel pipes, valves and instruments6.Overall welding structure with the processing of de-rusted and degreasedTechnical parameter