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Date: 3rd June 2016
LNG Filling Station
LNG filling station?Produced LNG tank filling stations,Website:,LNG stations are designed and manufactured in accordance with the product,the product is divided into vacuum powder insulation and high vacuum multilayer insulation in the form of two kinds of insulation.Main features:with reasonable design,simple operation,centralized control,daily evaporation rate,safe and reliable.ModelEffective volume(m??max working pressure(Mpa)Filling rateWorking mediumCDW-27/P270.8-1.60.90LNGCDW-30/P300.8-1.60.90LNGCFW-54/P540.8-1.60.90LNGCDW-54/P540.8-1.60.90LNGCDW-54/P540.8-1.60.90LNGCFL-54/P540.8-1.60.90LNGCDW-60/P600.8-1.60.90LNGCFW-60/P600.8-1.60.90LNGCFL-60/P600.8-1.60.90LNGLNG refueling station?LNG filling station are tanks as the main cryogenic liquid pumps,and fluid machine combination module,according to GB50156-2012 "car design and construction of refueling stations"one,two,three standard station development and design,process reasonable,layout specifications,concise,and too maximize the skid of the factory pre-assembled,a small amount of on-site engineering for large-scale increase in gas demand. ? ? ?Skid station stageBasic configurationAerated ability*104 ? ? ?Nm?/dStorage quantityLower pump quantityQuantity of gas dispenserStandard stage 31*60m?121.5-2222-3Standard stage 32*60m?222-3243-4Standard stage 33*60m?344-54-86-86-8