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Date: 3rd June 2016
Natural Gas Pressure Regulator
natural gas pressure regulatorProduction descriptionCity gate stations,Website:, sub-transmission station series of high pressure, high pressure regulator station for critical equipment market long distance gas pipeline network, which has a purifying, regulating, metering, distribution, security and other functions, can be configured according to the requirements of natural gas alarm systems and automatic control systems plus the olfactory system.The regulator station usually skid-mounted structure for device modeling and process design, pressure equipment with international famous brand products based on user-supplied parameters and conditions, other equipment made of imported or domestic high-quality products to meet the user's not barrel claim.Key Features:1. Equipped with high precision filter, high-precision valves.2. equipped with automatic cut-off device and the overpressure safety relief device to ensure that change with fluctuations in gas consumption and inlet pressure, outlet pressure is automatically maintained within a certain range.3. The metering device, select high-precision flowmeter, accurate measurement.The heating unit volume, according to the need to use electric heating or steam heating.5. Add the olfactory apparatus, according to need.6. Data collection, acquiring the pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flow, equipment operating status and other parameters as needed.Technical parameter